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Our team is dedicated and supportive throughout all the recruitment process.
We help our candidates to thrive professionally and to develop new skills. To begin your process and start your journey, click below!

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1. Apply now

Through our platform, submit or elaborate your CV. This is the first step to stand out and begin your process with Atinge Agency.

2. Interview

With all your information collected and analysed, the next step is the interview. This is an important step to know better your professional skills.

3. Matchmaking

This step is the link between your profile and our partner companies.

4. Atinge your goals!

Here is where your adventure starts. With this experience you’ll broaden your horizons.

Become an Ambassador
Atinge Agency

Atinge’s Ambassador Program is aimed at college students with ambition and potential to broaden their horizons. Our goal is to help you boost your career and create your own network!