Social Responsibility refers to the way that companies self-regulate in a way to ensure that all their activities affect in a positive way the society, bearing in mind what is ethically correct as well as human, social, economic and environmental rights. It is up to society to evolve in a sustainable and correct manner towards other members and not compromising with less ethical companies or individuals.

In Atinge Agency we are committed in assuring that any transactions with partners or customers are conducted lawfully and ethically.

What do we do?

Atinge Agency is a recruitment, training and outsourcing company, thus having various groups of interest (stakeholders) from partners companies, candidates and employees. There is a whole universe of service and customer contact directly involved.

Ethics at Atinge Agency

We will always conduct partnerships and businesses with integrity and respect for the Human Rights. We promote Safety and Fair Trading, Respect for the Consumer and anti-bribe and anti-corruption Policies.

Environmental Responsability

We recognize the need to protect the environment by making efforts to make the planet clean and without pollution. We consider that the environment belongs to everyone and it’s our duty to preserve it. Recycle, re-use, preserve energy and water and the use of environmentally friendly technologies are practices incorporated into our daily operations.

Human Rights

Our company, working in the recruitment area, has an increased duty to protect the Human Rights. We commit to defend and respect diversity and individuality of each individual and to comply with all labor condition related laws, respecting in a direct and indirect way the laws of human rights in all countries.

Volunteering and Community

Our company encourages the employees to be volunteers, in programs organized in an internal or external way. We also have a fund, to help the community around us to recover or develop.

We use the resources of our company to aid the community by making available several free workshops.

Development and Learning

We will continue to invest in the development of softwares and methodologies that are beneficial for society and the environment to continuously improve our way of action.